Submit Your Mix-tape

Submit Your Mix-tapes

Get your Mix-tapes played on our music shows

Just follow the requirements below !!!

Mix-tapes will be accepted by the Radio Station only if the following requirements are met:

  • Submit a short biography (no longer than a 100 words), remember to include all your social media handles, booking details and links to where your mix-tapes can be streamed for example Sound Cloud or Audiomack
  • Submit a good quality photo:
    • Smaller than 128MB
    • 1080 Pixels in resolution
  • ¬†Submit your mix-tape’s Download Link
    • State the genre of the mix-tape
    • Provide the track-list of the songs used in the mix-tape
    • Your mix-tape must be between 45 – 60 minutes
    • File Format must be mp3
    • Bit rate of 160kbps or higher
    • The mix-tape must be Radio Friendly (No Explicit Language)

The submission process from the point where you send us an email of your mix-tape’s download link, to the point where it gets play-listed in one of our shows.

  • Your email is received by the management of the Radio Station.
  • Your mix-tape will be downloaded from the link you have provided.
  • The mix-tape will then be taken through quality control
    • During this process we check for:
      • Quality of the mix-tape (Is the Bit rate 160 Kbps or higher)
      • Standard of the mix-tape in the case of mixing and song selection
      • Profanity within the songs contained in the mix-tape
      • The length of the mix-tape
  • Once it has passed the quality control, it is then distributed to the specific genre show associated with the submitted mix-tape.

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