Submit Your Events

Submit Your Event

Get your Event advertised on the Emendy Radio website on our Events Page.

Just follow the below stipulated requirements !!!

Event Submissions will be accepted by the Radio Station only if the following requirements are met:

  • The event must at least cater for a 100 people or more
  • Submit a full Event description (no longer than a 100 words), including full ticket prices (if applicable) and the Name of the Event.
  • Submit the ticket sales link (links where people can purchase their tickets)
  • Submit the Event’s Start Time and Date
  • Submit the Event’s End Time and Date
  • Facebook or website link of the event
  • Detailed Address of the event, this includes
    • Physical location where the event will be hosted
    • The geographical coordinates of the event’s location
  • Submit the Promoter’s or Organiser’s contact details
  • Submit a good quality poster of the event:
    • Smaller than 128MB
    • No less than 1080 Pixels in resolution

The submission process from the point where you send us an email of your event, to the point where it is posted the Emendy Radio Website.

  • Your email with the Event’s information will be received by the management of the Radio Station.
  • The email will be thoroughly checked to ensure that we have received all the  Event’s required information, documents and media as mentioned under the  Submissions Criteria.
  • Once the information has been verified, the Event is then posted on our website.

Please Note!!!

Events submission email  must be sent to our submission email at least 3 weeks before the date of the event. Late submissions will not be posted on the Emendy Radio Website.

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