Urban Music Playlist

Compiled by Bingz, Yure, Yeak The DJ

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Monday 03:15 06:30
Tuesday 06:30 09:00
Tuesday 10:30 12:00
Tuesday 18:00 20:30
Wednesday 00:00 03:15
Wednesday 22:00 00:00
Friday 18:00 20:30
Sunday 03:15 06:30
Sunday 22:00 00:00

Urban Music

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A compilation of those sweet smooth sounds of music in the form of Rhythm & Blues, Soulful music, to the point where we lift it up a bit by taking it to Trap Soul. This playlist gives you a trip you won't want to forget, allowing you to indulge in your own peaceful space. A pleasant playlist indeed, so make sure you tune in on its scheduled time slot, and gain a different experience of Urban Music.

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Urban Music Playlist crew

Open, honest and unadulterated is what you can expect from me. If the above is what you are looking for then don’t hesitate and tune in.

It’s Yanga AKA Yure. Hip Hop Dj and producer. Main Dj on No Cap and co Dj on Live Jive bringing in the hottest Hip Hop tracks playing today.

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