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Popular Music

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We brought you the Top 20 charts, but we felt it does not do enough in terms of providing our listeners with an enough dose of the music that is popular in the current world. So we present to you this amazing playlist, compiled by our in-house deejays, containing a large sum of updated popular music to keep you well informed on the trending music in our local and international soil.

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I am a multi-genre DJ, Producer and a Radio DJ at Emendy radio. With the shows I host; I aim to bring you the latest news , songs, gossips and bring you smiles and entertainment too.

I am a fun person with a funny personality and a sense of humour. Always up to date with whats trending and popular music which I enjoy very much and dance along to.

The name is Ledile Nelson Mpyana AKA Huncholee And I enjoy listening to music because I have realized that music is in me that’s why am studying music technology so that I can know more about the industry and its requirements. My friends would describe me as easy going, a good listener, motivator, a wordplay […]

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