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Compiled by Jay Esquire, Breadman, Purple

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House Music

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If you're a house nerd and an official citizen of the House Nation, then you must be well aware of the vast amount of sub-genres that House Music possesses. This playlist contains a large number of House songs produced by our very own South African artists , and not forgetting international artists too. Stay updated with the growth of House Music and its different styles by staying tuned to our massive playlist compiled by our very own In-House deejays.

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House Music Playlist crew

Charismatic, energetic and a bit opinionated just to add some flavor, I am a knowledgeable deejay, who has his ear constantly to the streets listening for the latest trends in the music scene. My ability to dissect music stems from my knowledge in music theory and production techniques. Dubbing myself as “Mr. Exclusive”, I always have the latest trends from the underground scene when it comes to House Music.

Known as Purple 21 years old from limpopo, DJ and Photographer. With my DJ experience I can mix three genres House,Hip-Hop and RnB, I promise you I'm good, My mixes will be available online soon.

I am a music producer, Deejay and entrepreneur from Pretoria, South Africa. An ambivert whose persona lights up whenever music and current affairs are the topic. My motto is: "Everything worth living, for is essentially worth dying for".

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