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A combination of all the genres presented in the Emendy Radio Shows, from Hip Hop to Urban Music with a good grip of House music and many more. Whatever your musical ear is craving for, this playlist contains will definitely satisfy it.

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All about the Music crew

I am a multi-genre DJ, Producer and a Radio DJ at Emendy radio. With the shows I host; I aim to bring you the latest news , songs, gossips and bring you smiles and entertainment too.

I am a fun person with a funny personality and a sense of humour. Always up to date with whats trending and popular music which I enjoy very much and dance along to.

An EDM DJ and a student at Emendy Multimedia Technology Institute , with lots to offer. Having had alot of successful gigs over the years, I have a lot to say and quite an interesting person once you get to know me. Parties is my thing and music is my life.

Charismatic, energetic and a bit opinionated just to add some flavor, I am a knowledgeable deejay, who has his ear constantly to the streets listening for the latest trends in the music scene. My ability to dissect music stems from my knowledge in music theory and production techniques. Dubbing myself as “Mr. Exclusive”, I always have the latest trends from the underground scene when it comes to House Music.

It’s Yanga AKA Yure. Hip Hop Dj and producer. Main Dj on No Cap and co Dj on Live Jive bringing in the hottest Hip Hop tracks playing today.

Open, honest and unadulterated is what you can expect from me. If the above is what you are looking for then don’t hesitate and tune in.

Known as Purple 21 years old from limpopo, DJ and Photographer. With my DJ experience I can mix three genres House,Hip-Hop and RnB, I promise you I'm good, My mixes will be available online soon.

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