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Njabulo David Pambuka A.K.A King David, is a student at Emendy College in Pretoria South Africa. He is a Zimbabwean DJ, Music producer & also a radio presenter on emendy radio. He loves speaking to people through music cause he believes music is a language that is understood by every one . Davids radio shows are Trend City and Enter The Rave.

David would want to to be a touring DJ, producing his own music after he finishes college and hopefully after build his own production company. David wants his music to be able to inspire people to aim higher and be able to help them overcome any challenges that they will face in life. He aims to put a smile on your face and help you have a brighter day every time you listen to his music.
 King David believes that “if you don’t love music, then you don’t love life”😇.

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